2019 AHA Innovation Challenge

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It's time to build healthier communities not just for some, but for all.

It's time to use technology to improve not only patient care, but the living conditions that make it possible for all people to reach their highest potential for health.

We know you are innovative in ways you might not have imagined yet. We don't doubt that you have ideas for improving health care for all. The 2019 AHA Innovation Challenge, sponsored by First American Healthcare Finance, is calling on you to develop big ideas, bold solutions and expanded alliances to disrupt community health and eliminate health inequities. This year's challenge is focused on finding new ways to use technology to address social determinants, such as food, housing, transportation and jobs, and connecting people with proper resources that meet community health needs. Ideas can range from mobile apps to artificial intelligence to data collection. The possibilities are limitless.

Top three proposals will earn $100,000 - $25,000 - $15,000 to help bring these winning concepts to life. For more information or to submit your proposal, visit aha.org/innovation-challenge

Congratulations to the 2018 Winners!

The 2018 Innovation Challenge was launched to source and spread new ideas and novel approaches for integrated care delivery and financing models designed for specific high-need, high-cost populations. We received nearly 100 submissions - a fantastic response in the first year of the Challenge. Thanks to every organization and team that participated.

      2018 AHA Innovation Challenge Winners

1st Place: Parkview Health

Parkview Health
  • Won the first-place $100,000 prize
  • Winning submission was a technology-enabled on-demand support care model for addiction recovery that addressed a vulnerable population of opioid use disorder patients in Northeast Indiana
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2nd Place: University of Pennsylvania Health System

University of Pennsylvania Health System
  • Won the second-place $25,000 prize
  • Second-place submission was a called “Heart Safe Motherhood"
  • It presented a thoughtful, patient-centered, innovative approach that leveraged technology and redefined the role of obstetrical providers to drive better outcomes for women with pregnancy-related and chronic hypertension in the immediate post-partum period
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3rd Place: West Tennessee Healthcare:

West Tennessee Healthcare
  • Won the third-place $15,000 prize
  • Third-place submission with Pathways Behavioral Health identified several co-dependent issues that significantly impact medical and mental health, well-being, community economics and resources, and developed an innovative collaborative solution
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Read the AHA announcement about our winners here 


  Images from the 2018 AHA Leadership Summit, where the inaugural 2018 AHA Innovation Challenge winners were announced: 
1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners Sponsors of the Challenge Success Stories 1st Place Submission

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