Deferred Maintenance

We call it maintenance because it is necessary to keep a system functioning. We call it deferred because it is put off. 

Sometimes that is the right call. But when deferred maintenance dictates other budget decisions–directly affecting your patients’ care–it is time for a plan that addresses maintenance needs without sacrificing other needs.

Never Put Off Until Tomorrow...

You know the cliché, but did you know you can address your deferred maintenance projects without affecting your current budget? First American Healthcare Finance advises healthcare organizations on financial strategies to address deferred maintenance needs now through low-cost funding options. There are no fees, no blanket liens, and no surprises.

Cash Flow Neutral Solutions

Even with large projects like energy, HVAC, or lighting updates, First American provides cash flow neutral solutions by aligning expected savings with a monthly payment plan. With the right funding strategy in place, providers are able to implement programs that keeps their books balanced and their cash flows steady.

Addressing the Past, Planning for the Future

The integrity of your facility impacts your ability to deliver quality patient care. Addressing deferred maintenance can strengthen that foundation. First American Healthcare Finance provides custom finance solutions for deferred maintenance projects, designed around your budget needs, to help move your organization forward. Contact First American today to learn more.