2018 AHA Innovation Challenge

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2018 AHA Innovation Challenge:

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The American Hospital Association (AHA) is excited to announce the launch of the 2018 Innovation Challenge to source and spread new ideas and novel approaches for integrated care delivery and financing models designed for specific high-need, high-cost populations. 

The top three proposals, as determined by the judges, will receive the following prize amounts:


    $100,000 | $25,000 | $15,000



Teams from institutional members of the AHA are invited to submit, by May 31, proposals for novel approaches to drive better health outcomes, improve the care experience and reduce the total cost of care.

A team of AHA staff will determine the top 10 proposals during the initial judging period. These 10 finalists will then be evaluated by a panel of AHA-member judges and sponsors. Multiple teams from the same organization are welcome to submit unique models for a variety of specific populations.

Three awards, including a top $100,000 award, and $25,000 and $15,000 awards, will be presented at the AHA Leadership Summit in San Diego this July.


What is required?

Innovation challenge proposals must be original works and must provide clear rationales for why a new integrated care delivery and financing model designed for a specific high-need, high-cost population would improve outcomes and the health care experience, and lower the total cost of care.

In addition, proposals must include novel care re-design and financing approaches and strategies and innovations that creatively apply technology and data analytics. This is an excellent opportunity to explore creative ways to integrate care delivery and financing for populations with complex needs.

Teams from institutional members of the AHA are encouraged to garner support from stakeholders who also wish to drive better health outcomes, improve the care experience and reduce the total cost of care. AHA is encouraging collaborative dialogue among teams as they pursue care and financing approaches.

For complete Challenge rules or to submit a proposal, please visit https://innovationchallenge.aha.org and request an invitation to join the Challenge website.


2018 Timeline:

March - May
Teams from AHA member hospitals and health systems are invited to submit their proposals by May 31.

May - June
Initial judging period and notification of 10 finalists.
Ten finalists' proposals posted for public comment and viewing.
Final judging period.
First, second and third place teams notified.

Awardees announced and present their models at the AHA Leadership Summit in San Diego, July 26-28.

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Important dates for hospitals - SUBMISSION DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MAY 31:

Innovation Challenge Timeline

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